Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Meeting again

In another life is something that worries some people

Many who visit us accept karma and reincarnation but get worried about not meeting each other again

That people meet at all seems to show that they are connected to the same part of the pattern of things
And because of this they would probably often be working together in different lives

Nature chooses those things that work

Nature chooses the economical

If you know each other and love each other then this is a good basis for further lives together

Love being the power in this universe, the glue if you will

Then it makes sense and sense rules nature that it pull us together again

No one can prove this in a scientific sense, however we can look at probability and use that as a guide

In our own lives we feel this to true, Liuba and I that is

How we met is beyond any normal possibility or chance

And why should that happen if for no reason?

We say it would not

And the reason?

We would say our love for each other

And would then add that this alone is not enough

It is because we have work to do together

True or false?

Others may judge one day

For ourselves we know this to be true by what we are better able to do together than apart

This is our experience and might not be the proof you need

However we can share that it is so for us

Just look in your heart and see if this resonates?

Yes we meet again in life after life where our love draws us together and our work needs or can use that multiplication of effort

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