Tuesday, December 08, 2009


Cannot be bought in a shop

It cannot be produced by machines

Without compassion humanity has nowhere to go

Compassion is the well spring of freedom

Compassion is needed more than ever today with millions starving and disadvantaged

And yet if we feel that all our needs can just be bought with money

Then compassion goes

And where goes compassion so go we

Compassion can only be found through inner development

It cannot be found in OK and Hello magazines

Let those who thirst for trivia live with this as their escape from reality

For those whose thirst is for understanding and personal evolution

Compassion is part of our evolution leading as it does to greater understand and awareness

Do not wait for others to agree your life choices these are yours alone

Yours alone

Developing compassion is part of our journey

Compassion comes to us as we see others as ourselves

Just people trying to get through life

Ever thought in your next life there go you?

For sure all of us experience tough lives and one way to guarantee that your next one is tougher is to abuse ignore or refuse to help those less advantaged than your self

Guess why there are so many millions experiencing tough lives today?

What goes round comes round

No one avoids her karma

Compassion is a natural human emotion

Greed and selfishness are learned

Let out and develop your compassion

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