Thursday, December 17, 2009

Take it away from them

Thereby creating a need

Then supply the need

By selling it back to them

What am I talking about?

How the world was monetized

In simple words that is how it came about

Pollute the rivers then sell them drinking water

Break their barter lives by introducing monoculture products

Then stop buying their products

Then sell them food

Over and over those with power have played this game

Creating a need then supplying that need

Today we live in a monetized world where there is little left to monetize

Everything is monetized from water to parking

But wait a minute!

After the recent financial crisis bankers have been wondering what can we do next?

Lo and behold there is by amazing coincidence a brand new mega business emerging

Just in time for those banks that brought us financial disaster a short while ago

Banks that were saved with our money

Now they have created another great wheeze

We have carbon offsets or CAP

Tell a business that it is creating CO2 emissions

Then sell them carbon offsets

Tell a country that it is creating CO2 emissions

Then make them buy carbon offsets

Tell an organisation that it is creating CO2 emissions

Then sell them credits and carbon offsets

Banks yes those same banks that caused the financial meltdown sit in the middle and make commissions on every transaction

With Copenhagen commiting us all to tight limits on CO2 emissions this is going to be an enormous mega business

How convenient

Ever looked at who are behind the push for climate change controls?

What it will do to us and our lives is predictable

More taxes

Taxes on everything to pay for these commitments

Made in our name

Hopefully sanity will prevail and the public will object to what is going on

The biggest transfer of money in history from developed to developing countries

If one could believe that these developing countries could actually use this money in the way intended that is one thing

But I for one have no belief that this will happen

So yet again those in power are committing us all to a great big game where we pay for them to help the banks and the elite in developing countries make huge profits

Create a need then supply the product

The irony is that CO2 emissions are a relatively minor problem blown into a mega issue

The global population is a greater issue and yet so little is said

Global food production is now reduced

Reduced because incentivized, subsidized farmers are growing corn for ethanol for cars

Not food

Growing population + static or reducing food production = mega issue

And yet our media say little

I wonder why?

As the saying goes "follow the money"

Then you find the answers

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