Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Truth is not decided by a show of hands

The truth of an idea is not determined by the number of people who agree or disagree on something

Today climate change is something that is said to be caused in part by Carbon Dioxide emissions

True or false?

To listen to many pundits you would conclude that this is so

Other voices are drowned out or jeered at

Wait a minute hasn't this happened many many times before?

Of course it has

The majority of mankind are what are called 'lukewarm' in some of the old teachings

Neither hot nor cold they do not take positions or make decisions

In other words they do not want to think or act for themselves

They prefer to let others tell them what to do

What to believe

And so?

The times we are in demand more of us

Time for the lukewarm to get off their backsides

Time for all of us to inform ourselves about issues that effect us

And affect you they do when our politicians decide to spend our money on plan a or b

Your role is to make your voice heard by supporting those who are active in promoting what you believe to be important or correct

Coming down the road in the UK is yet another attempt by the British Government to promote and foist GM farming on the country

Do you want GM seeds to contaminate your country?

Do you believe they deliver what they say they do in terms of productivity and benefits?

Do you believe they do no harm?

Do you believe anyone yet really knows?

And the long term effect of eating modified foods are what?

Already too late say those of a doom and pessimistic persuasion

Is it?

You eat everyday and much of the soy in everything from bread to cakes and sweets is already GM based

Do you care?

Do you want your children eating GM soy and other GM foods?

Inform yourself please wherever you live it is something that affects us all

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