Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Incapable of love that is

Today we live in an era of what we could call one of transitional views about sex

Those who embrace it enthusiastically claim that sex for sex's sake is fine and there need be no other aspect to the union just the sex

Getting angry if anyone says they disapprove

Others remain uneasily aware of old taboos

A transitional state in many societies

Those who see sex solely as exercise or solace are horny, needy, and afraid or incapable of love

How so?

Because they think it is OK to place the great gift of physical intimacy in the same space as shaking hands

They think it is OK to consider other humans as sex toys

To be used

To be thrown away afterwards

This recreational attitude to sex has become normal with drunken clubbers and others

There have always been those who felt sex to be a sport or hobby

The normalisation of casual sex without care or courtship is fairly recent

In one way it is good that sex is no longer a secret dirty business

It is fine that we no longer (Muslims accepted) persecute divorcees, single mothers or gays

There need be no comments about the Roman Catholic church who still insist that sex is only for procreation purposes, which is probably a step too far in the other direction

What is not so cool is the idea that you see someone you fancy, decide to have sex with them, do so and say goodbye

Removing the courtship and confining the experience to sex alone is selfish

Is it because they are frightened of relationship?

Is it a conquest in their eyes?

Or is it really running away and or abuse?

Having no interest other than the sex act itself is it because they are lonely?

Or maybe they cannot stand themselves?

For sure it blunts their humanity

It reduces their interest in another human to a small temporary sexual transaction

Once this becomes the norm then addiction follows

Like all addictions it is hard to stop once started

Some grow out of it and take the risk of real relationship

Others no they carry on getting less and less out of each experience as time goes on

Does this tell us something?

Over time they become incapable

Incapable because they have become totally cynical about the other sex

About what they are there for

Just incapable of love

For love is unconditional

Not a temporary transaction to relieve oneself

Incapable humans is what they are and what they become

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