Monday, January 18, 2010

Left brain world

Our modern world is in love with science

With provable knowledge

Money is poured into all areas where scientists and engineers can prove this 'n that

To a point, and we have reached this point, this is fine

Beyond this point not so fine

The questions we need answers to are not approachable through the left brain

They cannot be proved

Try proving love

Silly times indeed

Worshipping a wooden door

To move further we need to go where most scientists fears to tread

Beyond the mind

Unfortunately most scientists live in their minds

They work with their minds, in other words left brain hemispheres

And beyond the mind can only be approached through the right brain

The left brain is of no use as it only knows how to evaluate, to compare and extrapolate

The right brain by contrast is open to higher realms

Realms of truth

Only approachable through love

Through light

Through letting go

Letting go of mind

Letting go of all that is familiar

Are we ready for this?


We are clinging on to the familiar

At great cost to humanity we resist this imperative

Our only way out is by going beyond mind

Our world leaders and scientists are not comfortable with this idea

Resistance is everywhere

Will we overcome?

Let us see

In the meantime where are you?

Can you still and quiet your mind?

Can you be in this moment only?

If you cannot then time to start learning how to control your mind

Your mind is where your fears lie

Your mind is where you live most of the time

When you sleep you are out of your mind both literally and figuratively

So have no fear of moving beyond your mind

Learn to control your mind to give yourself some rest free from thoughts

Later if you can explore the approach to the dimensions we are talking about

The approach of learning to be love

Living in love

Hint love unconditional love can only be approached when we go beyond the mind

So actually a third of your life is already spent outside your mind

All we are asking is that you learn to do this in your waking hours


Because this is where our freedom lies

Beyond mind

Think about it

Better still don't think

Thinking is a mind activity

Beyond mind is where truth lies

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