Saturday, January 16, 2010

Power of words

We have written several times about this subject

Today we want to say something more

Our world is filled with academics studying a multitude of subjects

On which they endlessly spout their knowledge

In contentious areas they give us their theories

Often we are left dissatisfied

Something inside us remains empty

Less than impressed

Not able to buy what they are telling us


For one huge and simple reason

They are not living this truth they are pontificating

When someone lives their truth

When they live what they are talking about

They have a power

A power totally missing when it is a theory

When it is not lived

This is why words are losing their power

They are being used by people who are not living what they are talking about

Words are being sprayed around like confetti

Find the humans who walk their talk and you will be persuaded

It will resonate inside you

Why ?

They are living the truth they talk about

It is them they are that truth

And you are you living the truth of what you are?

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