Sunday, January 24, 2010

Still twitching

Sometimes it does not seem to matter what we do the twitching is still there

An 'iffy' day maybe

Whatever getting busy on something where you cannot think about your issues is best
Get busy

Take your mind off

Yes we do all these things and still it persists

Still twitching

OK what next?

Only one way

Acknowledge that you have a problem

You would be surprised how many people deny they have a problem

In fact we could say one of the biggest human problems is people denying they have a problem

Why would you deny a problem?

Because it frightens you

Yes that is one reason

Because you don't know what to do

Yes that's another reason

Because you think others might laugh at you or put you down

Yes that's possible

Because the cure sounds frightening

Because the cure sounds expensive

Yes all that might well be true

And guess what if you do not acknowledge and do something about it one day it will knock you for six

Here we are talking about many things from smoking, drink,drugs, medication addiction and phobias

Not to mention fear of dying, being paralyzed, cancer, aids, sexual disease, growing old, arthritis and many many more

None of the things we supress will go away on their own

The symptoms might for a while

But if the cause is not addressed then believe it will come out in full force later in life if we do nothing about it

Most of us deny this or that

Ask a friend or family member what they notice about you and your funny habits

Take what they say and ask others what they think

Find out where you can get help

Twitching says we have a problem

Act on this please before it acts on you!

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