Thursday, February 25, 2010


Truly amazing to see how loud and insensitive some people are

No thought for others

Totally immersed in their own world

Their own importance

Their own selfish needs

And then totally oblivious to others they continue to monopolise the space

And should one interrupt then they are truly shocked

Indignant that someone should have the temerity to suggest that they are selfish

Self-centered even

But then this does not happen often as self centered people tend to refuse any comment or criticism

Turning any negative comment with defensive and dismissive denial



And guess what

They usually get away with it

And what is more those challenging them usually back off

Back down

Go along with the denial or outright lie


So often good manners cause many to abstain from outright argument

From stating clearly the truth

And so it goes on

Until one fine day unknown to us

The selfish one is all alone

The audience went home

No one cares any more

No one wants to spend time with them

And so they live alone

A life filled with loneliness and often bitterness

And while this might seem a reasonable karmic action it may well take too long for you

So if you know selfish and self centered people then feel free to move away

You have the right to say no

To avoid their company

Use this right knowing that in nature's good time they will pay a heavy price for their behaviour

Not your timing perhaps but as nature sees fit

And that should be good enough for all of us

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