Friday, February 26, 2010

One by one

They disappeared

Our friends over time they disappear

One by one they go

Our partner didn't like him

We moved to another place

We changed jobs

We stopped doing that activity which brought us together

And for all of us this is the reality of life

When we are young we make friends easily

We have no thought for later years

Until we find ourselves there

Wrapped up in the importance of our own lives

Being the centres of our own little universe

Being sooo busy

We did not notice how they disappeared

Shame really

One thing about later life is finding ourselves alone

Children off and living their own lives

Partners busy in their own hobbies and interests 

You lost your job

Your firm downsized

You did not get that promotion

Whatever the reason you find your friends gone

Disappeared and you never noticed being so involved in the importance of your own life

Guess what

This is a tough recognition, not nice at all

Tough because suddenly there is no one to listen

No one cares

You can of course drink, take drugs, sex

However they only dull the pain

Take care of the loneliness for a short time

And so what to do with all that time alone?

Find a hobby, yes this is a good idea although if your life has been devoted to other things a hobby might seem difficult or less interesting to you

Friends in later life can be found through a hobby or interest and often are so think about what you would really like to do

Helping others more in need than yourself is also a way for creating friendships

Either with those you help or others like yourself who care to help and who are lonely

Whatever your choice having a reason to get out of bed is so important

Endless retirement without a reason to be alive is hard

Ask those who went in pursuit of the dream to some tropical paradise

After a while the same issues arose

And after a time having no reason to be or get out of bed will really get to you

Communication is important for all of us

Make the effort to build activities now before you find yourself alone

And yes it might seem a long way away today

But not really, notice how time is going faster and faster

So give some thought to this now

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