Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Black Brotherhood

Often we are asked about the Black Brotherhood or Brothers of the Shadow as they are sometimes called

Are they real?


Do they still exist?




Let me quote here

"Brothers of the shadow: 'A term given in occultism (real occultism that is not the modern confused Western version)...........to individuals, whether men or women, who follow.....the path of matter or of the shadows..........

They are the so called black magicians of the Occident, and stand in sharp notable contrast with the white magicians or the Sons of Light who follow the path of self-renunciation, self-sacrifice, self-conquest, perfect self-control, and ........service for all that lives

'The existence and aims of the Brothers of the Shadow are essentially selfish...........

Multitudes of human beings are unconsciously treading the path of the shadows and, in comparison with these multitudes, it is relatively only a few who self-consciously lead and guide with subtle and nefast intelligence this army of unsuspecting victims of maya.

The Brothers of the Shadow are often highly intellectual men and women, frequently individuals with apparent great charm (OG 21-3)

They work by temptation, by mental pictures, by suggestion, by quoting scripture, by appealing to their victims' vanity as if their plea were made to the high virtues, by playing on their egoism, and by arousing ignoble passions.' (FSO-456)

Look at leaders around the world

Look at those in power

Look at those behind those in power

Yes such evil ones are real

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