Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Just 4 fun

What is your favourite hobby?

Think about it

Is it really something you would say out loud?

Or is it something private?

If it is something private then what is this saying?

What is it saying about you?

If our favourite hobby is something we do not want to talk about then what are we doing?

Maybe we need to look at ourselves

Because if we do not talk about it is it because we have shame?

Are we worried about ridicule?

Are we worried about comments from others?

Are we worried that we should not be spending that much money on it?

Look at yourself

Should this be so?

Is this so?

Consider what you are doing

Is it still a hobby or has it become an obsession?

Are you going to keep on doing it?

Or is it time to stop?

Your call

Just consider

Just 4 fun can sometimes lead to unplanned or wanted side effects

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