Sunday, February 21, 2010

Changing youth culture

Or is it youth culture changing us?

Happening out of sight of adults

Reinventing the very ideas of youth culture

Now the young are doing it themselves

A creative explosion is taking place

They can set trends themselves

Age of the amateur, they know the technology better than their elders

They have enough youth to believe that things can be done, can be changed 

A tech youth quake

A veritable shift in many areas

Not prepared to pay money for music 

Talk on the phone for free, invented kick started texting

Old rules of paying are going

So new a generation of the young will not pay for many things

Look at the music industry busy suing those who would not pay

And while they were busily doing that as CD sales continued to fall

Live music made a come back

Not because of any brilliant insight from music industry moguls 

Basically because youth found the live experience unique and worth paying for

You cannot download it for free you have to be there in that hall

Certain bands create a very communally exciting experience

Prince gave away his new CD for free

Then went on tour

Made more than $11 million pounds from his tour

He and others like him changed and are changing the music business

Youth are by their choices and actions shaping adult businesses

And the next generation of youth what will they do?

No one knows however things are a changing

Yes our world is beginning to march to different drums

Youth does not know it cannot

Adults on the other hand know they cannot

And this marks out the interface

The future is theirs

Where will they go?

What do they want?

Same as us maybe but then again maybe not

Let us hope that each generation can bring a change

For only through change can we save our planet

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