Sunday, February 21, 2010


Are not nice

However there are not many humans who do not experience them from time to time

And how are you at arguing?

Do you shout?

Do you lose control?

Do you use impeccable logic?

Do you resurrect points from previous arguments?

Do you?

And when the temper subsides can you say sorry?

Can you say I was wrong?

Do you insist on inflicting the maximum possible pain on the other party?

Do you sulk?

Do you go silent?

Do you?

Whatever your style

Whatever the rights and wrongs

We lose unless we can learn from our arguments

Unless we can see the other person's point of view we are locked in our own need to be right

A need that is dangerous over time

Unless we can learn to control our anger we lose

And we can only learn to control it once we can admit we can be wrong

We are all wrong in some way or another

So grow

Learn to go back and say sorry

So often there was no right or wrong just our need to feel this way

Just our need to be right

Being right can be very wrong

Learn that arguments are a no no

A no no we can overcome with effort and time

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