Saturday, February 20, 2010

Healthy in 2010

Healthy is one reasonable goal for this year, to be healthy 

Ten years into the new decade already

Remember before the new millennium when all the world's computers were going to crash?

Tsunami in Asia

Then a global financial crisis

The next big disaster projection is for the end of the world in 2012

According to those who believe this it is from Maya folklore or beliefs

The world will end

So many times during my life has the world been going to end

This latest scare one feels like the others is unlikely to come to pass

Certainly in it's time the planet will cease to exist but probably not just yet

We have things to do

Things to sort out

Like being good stewards of planet earth

And for sure we have a way to go on this one

2010 is where we are now

Let us each make one new contribution during the course of this year

Let those who want to worry about the end of the earth do so

For the rest of us let us be healthy

Healthy means not just our physical well being

Our thoughts and actions must be healthy too

Banish fear that's not healthy

Yes being healthy sounds fine

Make being healthy your starting point for your contribution in 2010

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