Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Evolving thoughts

Our culture has always lied to divert attention from the pain of the truth

To hide those things deemed inappropriate to share or disclose

To hide those things that disclose the hidden agendas of those in power

Those things that interest groups have paid them to hide

These judgements being made by those in power

Often lies

The system then closes behind the lies

Sometimes many years later freedom of information reveals the lie

Usually it is still protected under the guise of national interest

In our times Iraqi war anyone?

Or Afghanistan maybe?

Lift your eyes and see

Go beyond and think of how things in our world might be

Hold that thought and examine it in and out from top to bottom

Check what is going around that idea on the Internet and elsewhere

If it still sounds right then give that thought strength and clarity and send it into the world

Into the ether

Once thoughts reach a critical mass they appear

Yes they appear in public, someone picks them up and they appear

Once enough of us support that thought and idea it gains inertia

Who knows where it goes then

Try it

Not a trivial selfish thought to be sure

A sound clear idea for improving our world

1 comment:

Alexandra said...

Cool blog again. I have noticed these kind of things since I was a teenager....and wondering about it!