Monday, February 08, 2010

Liars and thieves

Once upon a time there was honesty

Well maybe not  total honesty

But a time at least not so long ago when those caught out people knew to resign or admit the error of their ways

Not any longer



Are the typical reaction to being caught out today

What can we say?

Lies are lies and no amount of spin changes this

For a while they prevail and then eventually the truth outs

Small compensation for those hurt or destroyed

Not fair is it?

No it is not fair

And who ever said life is fair?

Where you can voice an opinion do so

Where you can make a difference do so

Otherwise hear this

It is not your business 

Karma will take care of the person

Yes karma will to the last gram balance the books

No one escapes karma

If you want to believe otherwise that is your choice

If you take the trouble to understand how things work then karma explains all

More than explain it changes your life once you truly believe


By helping you let go of your anger about the unfairness of life

Seeing some goon getting away with murder or mayhem

Injustice is inevitable in a primitive species such as ours

Being able to let it go and stay in equanimity is pretty neat

Over a lifetime this saves an awful lot of wear and tear

Your choice

Understand karma and reincarnation

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