Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Time of their lives

Time of his life actually

Centre stage as Chairperson on the IPCC is Dr Rajendra Pachauri

That's the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

The IPCC it was who branded man made CO2 emissions responsible for global warming that then became climate change

A very successful campaign of persuasion it was too

Many politicians jumped on the bandwagon

Few thought to examine the raw data on which the IPCC claims were made

Dr Pachauri busily running hither and thither rubbishing all those who dared challenge the IPCC claims

Rubbishing those who dared challenge the IPCC global warming hypothesis

Just look at this global warming story

First we were told that unless we acted immediately the world is doomed

As part of this story we are told that man made CO2 emissions are largely responsible

We are then told we must all stop flying, driving, and generally emitting CO2, and that we must reduce our carbon footprints

Then we are told Oh and by the way we have set up a carbon emissions trading scheme, whereby some of us will make a fortune

Recently the top cops in Europe say carbon-trading has fallen prey to an organized crime scheme that has robbed the continent of $7.4 billion -- a massive fraud that has received relatively little coverage in Europe

This is £7.4 billion of tax payers money

Professor Phil Jones of the East Anglia University who supplied much  of the IPCC data, that which they did not lose or adjust that is, was asked to step down after his emails were published has received $26.6 million in grants

And these are facts that are not featuring prominently in the mainstream media

As a matter of routine the  IPCC when challenged about it's figures and raw data indulges in calling doubters deniers, flat earthers and other derogatory names

Then we find out that the IPCC people who started the whole thing have changed and manipulated the so called facts in the scandal of climate-gate

Russian information stated that the IPCC had only used a percentage of the data from Russia leaving out much from Siberia, which altered the total world temperature figures on which the IPCC hypothesis was based

We are told that even if they have distorted things we still have to act now, immediately because, well because

Then along comes the big jamboree, the Climate Change conference in Copenhagen

Which by all accounts was a flop from the standpoint of the stated objectives

Although a follow up is planned for later in 2010

From the standpoint of those who consider IPCC figures to be flawed, manipulated and just plain wrong it was a modest success as more information about flawed IPCC statements began to emerge

But wait Copenhagen is commiting  $10,000,000,000 over the next decade for various global warming, now climate change causes

That's one ten billion dollars that could be spent on other things of maybe more importance than transferring money to regimes that do not have such a great record of honest implementation

But then again many people have jobs doing research into climate change, which are being well funded while other scientists are having their budgets cut

But then looked at from another angle the conference gave many thousands of delegates, hangers on,politicians their staff, NGO staff, journalists and many others an all expenses paid jamboree in Copenhagen

Next the IPCC is found to have used bogus information concerning glacier melt in the Himalayas

The decade we find not been getting hotter

The Antarctic ice is increasing

The glaciers in the Himalayas are not all melting at an increased rate

The sea levels are exactly where they should be

And yet Dr Pachauri shrilly tries to shout down those who challenge the IPCC

Yet this same Dr Pachauri has not told us of all his personal conflicts of interest, nor has he disclosed his involvement in organisations such as Tata that profit from the IPCC story of global warming

He and others have been having the time of their lives

Lots of fame and publicity

Lots and lots of money making opportunities

Time of their lives

And now?

Will they continue to protest that they are right

Of course they will

This is the change from a decade or so ago when if you were caught out lying or cheating you resigned or were sent off in disgrace

Today you spin your way out and lo and behold you stay right where you were

Will this cast of characters succeed in remaining?

We will see

Time of their lives indeed

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