Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Purple patch

A purple patch is when you are in the zone

When everything goes your way

You can do no wrong

Usually  a term used in sport when the athlete is untouchable

Totally focused and winning every point

Opposite a purple patch is that time when everything seems to go against you

It seems like everything that can go wrong does go wrong

These times can really get you down when they go one week in week out

Sometimes they last for years

Not easy

Only way out is to accept that this is the way it is

Focus on each day not letting the cumulative irritants occupy your mind

Taking one day at a time

One half day at a time

Deciding that there is a beginning, middle and end for any situation helps

You can sense that at some point some time things will turn

2010 is likely to be one of those difficult years for many

Stay cool do not let things run over you

Get out in nature


Do different things even if that is only to walk down different streets

Shop in different stores

Little things that make us pay attention to what we are doing so that our minds cannot force us to go round and round dwelling on our problems

Be tough with your mind keep it from getting into a groove that makes you think over and over about your problems

If you mind is still then you are too

If your mind goes round and round thinking about your problems then you will feel down and tired

Try seeing new sights

Keeping your life fresh in little ways helps

Yes there is a beginning, middle and end

Where are you?

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