Friday, March 26, 2010

44 years old

Living with her mother

Allows her mother to lock her in the apartment

Hands over the money she earns to her mother

Who might or might not give her any back again

Complains about headaches, depression, nervousness, insomnia and and and

Hard to believe but she has not made the connection with her mother

Her mother is in all senses a vampire

Her mother has her completely under her thumb

Has done since she was a child

The daughter is so used to this that she sees nothing wrong

There are some horror stories we come across in our work

The saddest bit is often the lack of consciousness in many people

Wake up

Look around you

Who gives you a headache?

Who goes on and on?

Who takes your money?

Who uses you, puts you down?

Check out your life

If you are being used and abused then change your life

Only you can do this

Others cannot do this for you

You must stand up and fight

Fight for your life

Literally in the case of the woman above

Sadly we might have been her last chance

However the mother has now taken the daughter's cell phone away from her

No more calls

Just silence and we leave here in a few days

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