Saturday, March 27, 2010


Is something we see in many places

Sometimes it is hidden

Sometimes denied

Often we ignore it because we feel powerless

Or because we do not want to be involved

We are frightened of the consequences

We are just frightened of being seen to take a stand

People around us say nothing so why should we?

Popular media support actions against it or not maybe they just ignore it


We have all at some time or another seen cruelty and done nothing

The question is have you learnt?

Cruelty can only continue if we let it

If we say nothing

Just for the record

Nature does see our actions and our non actions

No you do not get away with being a coward

Karma will bring you face to face with situations where you cannot stay stumn

We all pay for those times where we turned away

Times where morally we should have got involved

Just because something is the other side of the world does not mean we can turn away

Our thought forms and actions must register our disgust

Critical mass of revulsion can produce actions

It is our planet and cruelty anywhere is our business today

Be clear your thoughts add weight

We all have a responsibility to help make this planet a nicer fairer place for everyone on it

We all have contributions to make

Cruelty is unacceptable behaviour

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