Sunday, March 28, 2010

Love of life

Do you love life?

Or are you just running through it at high speed

Like you have no time to appreciate life

Too busy

Too stressed

No time to figure out what it is or is not

Working, shopping, sleeping, eating and so on

You might have decided to do this

You might have found yourself backed into it

Whatever way you found yourself running, running, running

Stop for a minute and reflect

What is love of life?

What is love?

What is life?

Bet you have not asked these simple questions

If you have then look at your answers again now

If not then be warned no one can do this for you

Sure you can read any number of clever articles telling you what they think

That is what they believe or think

And you

What do you think?

Love of life is an amazing place to take yourself

You can only get there once you know what life is and is not

Only when you can see why we have genocide and brutal behaviour

Then you can truly  approach love of life

Your journey

Rushing and running might be OK for a while

Even a longer time

But for life?

Better find a love of life

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