Monday, March 29, 2010


Maybe it's been this way from time immemorial

Powerlessness is the lot of so many

Bidden to do the will or pleasure of others

Seldom having the choice of doing what they want

How many are living lives of powerlessness?

Forever driven to serve others

Actually today most people are

Illusion might say otherwise

We might pretend it is not so

Check your own life

In how many areas do you have the power to say yes or no?

In how many must you accede to the wishes of others?

Modern life has seen the state assume ever more power over our lives

The state of course knows best what we should eat, drink or otherwise consume

We would argue that this has gone too far

However that is the point it does not matter what we think

We have no choice in so many areas of modern life

Powerlessness we would argue is the lot of most

If not the actual experience of most then what they have allowed to become their perception of their own lives

Even those who appear to have power are often frustrated

Frustrated that they do not have the total power they feel they ought to have

So what is important to understand is how to live with this imposed situation

The laws of the land are to be accepted

If you take issue with these then you must be prepared for struggle

Struggle over many years maybe

For most it is easier to accept that the laws of the land are bigger than they are

Maybe there is some wriggle room, maybe not

It is learning how to live in powerlessness that is really important

If you can do this then you can keep your self respect

Keeping our self respect is critical to our well being

We can lose many things in life but losing our self respect is the one of the worst

To keep it is very important

To do so the first step is to check where you are with your own self respect

Might sound like a funny thing to say however many of us do not know

We have never really looked at ourselves in this way

Do so

Do you have respect for yourself?

Are you happy with your own behaviour?

Your values?

Your honesty?

If yes then next check out your power

Do you have choices in your life?

In your decisions?

Where are you stuck?

Where do you have to compromise?

And yes we all have to compromise

Are your compromises morally and ethically sound?

Or are they to avoid trouble?

Often we have not noticed how we accept powerlessness in order to avoid trouble

The path of least resistance

Or so we think at the time

Over time this choice or these choices come back to haunt us

We begin to resent them

We feel angry


We blame others

We get depressed

Yes all of these things and more, they are our experience because we took the easy way out

Now we feel powerless

Taking back power is important for our self respect

Consider doing so

Decide to change your life

Handing power to others is not a good strategy

Take your power back

Where you have to accept powerlessness choose to let go of any anger or hostility

Use the situation to learn some humility

Humility is a powerful lesson to learn in life

Learn to feel OK with the situation

Determine when the time or situation arises you will act to change things

Consider carefully the course of action to be adopted should the situation arise

Then let it go be at peace with the actual scenario you find yourself in

Powerlessness is subtle and so long as you can live with it fine

It is when we realise that we have given away something of ourselves that we should not have given away that the trouble starts

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