Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Our lessons

And how they work

A little different from some of the things I have been writing recently

So let's start

We are here in this and every life to learn one or two major lessons

If we learn them then we move on

If we do not learn them then we have to keep reincarnating over and over until we do

So let's look at lessons and how they work

We are all presented with real life problems

For example these come in the form of family lessons of, pain, sorrow, jealousy, envy, violence, greed, injustice, sexual problems, dishonesty, sibling rivalry, broken promises, father complex, mother complex, disappointment, betrayal, sexual abuse, drinking problems, inter family feuding........................... and these are just a few of the problems we can have in our family

Your own particular problem will depend on what it is you have to learn

And yes this problem or lesson can last for years and years

Some can be learnt quicker

The way we deal with the problem is the real lesson

Many people will find or seek out what they feel to be the solution most advantageous to themselves

How can they obtain advantage for themselves?

For many others they will cheat

Many will steal or be dishonest or they will lie easily

These people are all about short term advantage for themselves

Other problems in life present situations where we might feel jealous

Where we feel greedy

Problems arise in all sorts of guises

Although the correct approach to solving them is similar in most instances

Or put another way the principles we use to solve problems are similar

They are being honest so that we can have a balanced view of the situation

To control our anger and frustration so that again we can be balanced in our consideration of the situation

To be patient so that we can fully understand what it is

To be accurate so that we do not go off in the wrong direction

To focus so that we do not miss anything

And if we can do these then once it is clear that we have learnt how to deal with the particular issue then we move on to the next one

If we are growing then we never finish having problems

Problems are how we grow

We never finish having problems in any given life

Rather like an onion there is always another layer

Another level of subtlety

However what happens is that they do get more interesting as we go along

Our problems begin to show us the truth of things

The truth of things is where we want to go


Because once we begin to see the truth of things we can actually begin to contribute

We begin to get wiser

We can see the different aspects of any given situation

We can put things into wider and wider contexts

We learn to compromise

We learn that it is not always necessary to be right in any given situation

We can let go

We can make our contribution

And that people is what we are here for

There is nothing more satisfying than the resonance that comes from helping someone see or understand something

And further along the road being able to help shift their energy

To heal as some call it

Yes life can become amazing

Your choice

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