Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Beginning, middle and end

That's us

We all have a beginning middle and end

Our parents too

Yet often we do not change our view or understanding of them

Once our parents get to a certain age the power shifts

Power as in strength, life strength

Yet you carry on as if they still have more power than you


Habit is driving your relationship with them

Like the elephant tied with a little rope he could easily pull away from

Habit and training

Our parents all train us to treat them in certain ways

Many parents are manipulative

Are your parents?

Are you trained to respond to them in certain ways

Check it out

It might well be time to change your behaviour

And of course be aware that your own life has this simple sequence too!

Beginning middle and end

So simple our times accelerate deterioration

Be observant in your relationships they will and do change

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