Wednesday, May 26, 2010

So many liars

Is it the times?

Is it the media?

No it is the explosion of communications

Be it twitter of facebook or email or just by being on line

So many more people can express a point of view

Lies are becoming known more quickly

Lies are more evident

Unfortunately so is the spin

Within a nanosecond of a lie being exposed out comes the denial

So what?

It's just part of our world

Is this because we have let it be so?

Are we remiss that we have not said more?

Probably yes

Should we change this

Certainly yes


Because only by having certain standards of behaviour can a world evolve and not descend into anarchy 

We cannot accept that the liars get away with their lies

Be they uncomfortable

Be they unpleasant

Lies are not acceptable

Only by great transparency in everything can we grow

Can we survive in fact

Lies must be exposed

Spin must be exposed for what it is

There is no subject on this planet that is too difficult for us to understand what ought to be done

There is not defence for lies that obscure evil

And let us be clear lying is evil

Spin is evil

No other words

Evil is evil

Make your contribution to outing evil lies

Start by being honest in your own life and by standing up to the liars you know

And we all know some

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