Thursday, May 27, 2010

Time to be in bed

Many parents seem to be unaware of the time their children should be in bed

Unaware of the needs of young bodies and minds

It goes without saying that adult evening programming with it's violence should not be watched by young impressionable minds

It would also seem obvious that young children with rapidly changing bodies need adequate sleep

They need sleep for the hormonal changes to adjust their systems

Need sleep for their minds to assimilate the events of the day

They need to rest period

We all do

And yet and yet...............

Children today occupy more and more of their parents time

Taking and fetching from school

Taking to football, dancing or other after school activities

Ferrying to and from weekend activities

Endless toys, games and other activities to amuse their offspring

Whatever happened to playing alone?

Whatever happened to inventing games?

Whatever happened to discipline?

How about children going to bed so that their parents can have time to themselves?

How about children learning some discipline and routine?

Parent's need time for each other

In this modern world just when should that be if the children are allowed to stay up late?

Young children should we suggest be in bed by 2100 - 2130hrs

Children in their early teens by 2200hrs

And as for parents you too need sleep

In our modern world with 24 hour TV and video on demand there are numerous reasons why it is easy to stay up late

Yet the pressures of now are real and unlikely to ease in the near future

Pressures that are not helped by being forever tired

Adults too should understand that they need sleep

Once you get in the habit of staying up late then often you cannot sleep easily or naturally

So many need dope or a joint to get to sleep

So many need alcohol to get to sleep

Not so very clever because once into this trap, for that is what it is, it becomes hard to do without

Then of course there is the cumulative effect of being forever tired

There is no fixed time for an adult to sleep, but if you can be asleep at least one night a week before eleven then this will give you more rest and recuperation than four hours of normal sleep at any other time

Why, just believe us this is so

In summation get the children to bed so that they get the rest they need

So that you have time for yourself and each other

Oh and a last point all children will try it on

The job of children is to continually test the boundaries

The job of the parent is to give way slowly

But not please to capitulate

This is neither in your or the children's best interest's

Bedtime is important for us all

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