Friday, March 19, 2010

Karma explained in another way - 2

It must,however, be remembered that there are many tendencies which are not exhausted in the act of incarnation

It may happen that the Karma which caused an entity to incarnate in any particular surrounding,was only strong enough to carry it into physical existence

Being exhausted in that direction, freedom is obtained for the manifestation of other tendencies and their Karmic effects

For instance,Karmic force may cause an entity to incarnate in a humble sphere of life.

He may be born as the child of poor parents

The Karma follows the entity, endures for a shorter or longer time, and becomes exhausted

From that point, the child takes a line of life totally different from his surroundings

Other affinities engendered by former action express themselves in their Karmic results.

The lingering effects of the past Karma may still manifest itselff in the way of obstacles and obstructions which are surmounted with varying degrees of success according to their intensity


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