Thursday, March 18, 2010

Karma explained in another way - 1

The first result of Karmic action is the incarnation in physical life.

The birth seeking entity consisting of desires and tendencies, presses forward towards incarnation

It Is governed in the selection of its scene of manifestation by the law of economy

Whatever is the ruling tendency, that is to say, whatever group of affinities is strongest, those affinities will lead it to the point of manifestation at which there is the least opposition

It incarnates in those surroundings most in harmony with its Karmic tendencies and all the effects of actions contained in the Karma so manifesting will be experienced by the individual

This governs the station of life, the sex, the conditions of the irresponsible years of childhood, the constitution with the various diseases inherent in it, and in the fact all those determining forces of physical existence which are ordinarily classed under the terms "hereditary", and "national characteristics"

It is really the law of economy which is in truth underlying these terms and which explains them

Take for instance a nation with certain characteristics.

These are the plane of expansion for any entity whose greatest number of affinities are in harmony with those characteristics

The incoming entity following the law of least resistance becomes incarnated in that nation

and all Karmic effects following such characteristics willl accrue to the individual

This will explain what is the meaning of such expressionns as the "Karma of nations"

and what is true of the nation will also apply to family and caste


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