Wednesday, March 17, 2010

One at a time

As my daughter said to me recently

She has learnt the hard way that only one can be angry at any given time

In an argument that is

Not a bad observation

If you live with a partner or find yourself in an argument then try to make sure that only one of you loses it at a time

Loses control and reason that is

Simply put one of you needs to be able to see clearly

To be able to prevent things getting totally out of hand

Where the whole relationship is put into the argument

Where divorce, break up, separation are thrown into the argument

Once an argument gets going then things can often quickly spiral out of control

When one of you can see that things are going ballistic

Beyond the possibility of reason

This is when that knowledge of the other partner is critical

Knowing how to step back

Knowing what must be done to prevent nuclear detonation

It might be walking away

Saying nothing further

Holding the other

Whatever your approach base it on knowledge of how best to diffuse or give time for calming down

Oh and if you know how to do that great

................and does your partner know what to do with you when it is your turn?

We hope so

For if both of you enter into a state of lost control then this is where the real damage is done

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