Saturday, March 20, 2010

Karma explained in another way - 3

From the standpoint of a special creation for each entity entering the world, there is vast and unaccountable injustice

From the standpoint of Karma, the strange vicissitudes and apparent chances of life can be considered in a different light as the unerring manifestation of cause and sequence

In a family under the same conditions of poverty and ignorance, one child will be separated from the others and thrown into surroundings very dissimilar

He may be adopted by a rich man, or through some freak of fortune receive an education giving him at once a different position

The Karma of incarnation being exhausted, other Karma asserts itself

A very important question is here presented

Can an individual affect his own Karma, and if so in what degree and in what manner?

It has been said that Karma is the continuance of the act, and for any particular line of Karma to exert itself it is necessary that there should be the basis of the act engendering that Karma in which it can inhere and operate

But action has many planes in which it can inhere

There is the physical plane, the body with it senses and organs

Then there is the intellectual plane, memory, which binds the impressions of the senses into a consecutive whole and reason, which puts in orderly arrangement its storehouse of facts

Beyond the plane of intellect there is the plane of emotion, the plane of preference for one object rather than another

- the fourth principle of the man

These three, physical, intellectual and emotional, deal entirely with objects of sense perception and may be called the great battlefield of Karma

There is also the plane of ethics, the plane of discrimination of the "I ought to do this, I ought not to do that"

This plane harmonises the intellect and the emotions

All these are the planes of Karma or action what to do, and what not to do

It is the mind as the basis of desire that initiates action on the various planes, and it is only through the mind that the effects of rest and action can be received


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