Sunday, March 21, 2010

Time in 2010

Quicker than in 2009

Apart from the fact that time is quicker or put more accurately our experience of it is quicker

We can note this on a personal level

Ask our friends

Most young, and old alike experience time to be going so fast today

On a national level the same thing applies and almost without notice problems that slipped by hidden or unnoticed are now popping up into view

Into the public gaze come problem after problem

Until a few years ago governments and large organisations could hide things they did not want us to see

Today this is harder because of the speed of communication

Because of the sheer volume of information, the sheer specialisation of much of it

And for us as individuals?

Keep yourself informed

Join or involve yourself in issues that you care about

Select one that resonates with you


Because our numerical involvement matters

Opinion polls on which leaders feed is influenced by what we say

We need to talk to each other more

We need to inform each other

We need to be proactive

This is our world

Our problems

We cannot leave our problems to self seeking politicians

Greedy narrow special interest groups

Become more communicative

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