Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Totally, totally now

Is the child's preoccupation

The kitten sees nothing other than what she is stalking

Nothing else exists

Just this moment now

Total absorption helps so much

Immerse yourself


Fix your attention

In a funny way it is very relaxing to be totally focused

Might make us tired but relaxes us too

Then one day you might discover that the opposite can give similar benefits

Totally letting go that is

No thoughts

Just spaced out

Most cannot stop thoughts for more than a few seconds at a time

Constant mind interference, thoughts, thoughts and then more thoughts

On and on without let up

So it goes

Break the pattern take an itunes an mp3 chill to your favourite music

A junior first step to peace, peace of mind that is

Your favourite music allows you to relax

Stills the mind

Calms you down

Let the music sooth you

One day find a nice place in nature

No music just you and nature

Let the noises around you sooth

Let them take the place of your music

Keep going until you succeed

Succeed in finding no thoughts

A space with no thoughts

Just what we call peace of mind

Then take this skill with you onto the metro, bus or train and plane

Letting your mind still

Learning to be

Just be

No music, no involvement in anything around you

Just letting go

If you can do this then you are well on your way to finding how to attain real peace of mind

Peace of mind results in less wear and tear over a lifetime

Learning like the kitten or child to be only in this moment now

Nothing else is real anyway

The future is not here yet

And the past is just that gone finished

Only the pre - sent is real this moment now

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