Tuesday, March 09, 2010

What should I do

So often people get stuck wondering what to do

Every situation has different parameters

Every situation has possible best choices

If not best choices then least worst choices

Sometimes there is no easy solution

No really clean clear answer

And it is these decisions that often tie people up

How can I decide when both options are less than optimal?

Both are just plain bad

They do not solve the problem because they create other problems

Yes, sometimes they do

Life does not always allow us easy answers

Often these are where two people are involved

What to do?

First lay out all the options you can see

Look at the pluses and minuses

Look further down the road and try to see what each option might bring, both good and bad further down the road

Where will those choices lead you?

Where your honesty is involved beware

Little lies and distortions have a habit of coming back on us

Essentially you make better choices when you are clear

Clear with yourself that is

Clear also about your own morals and ethics too

If these are clear then you have a higher chance of making better choices

Simply put if you do not steal then the decision whether or not to pick up the thousand dollars left on the table does not exist

Over a life time this honesty saves a lot of wear and tear

Oh and another important aspect

Most choices relate to our perceptions in any given situation

And our perceptions are what often get us into trouble

Our perceptions are based on assumptions

Often these assumptions are not accurate

So how can you make good choices if your perceptions are faulty?

Improve your perceptions by checking your assumptions

Stop relying on others

Think for yourself

Test your assumptions

Find reality

Find the truth

The closer you get to the truth about yourself

The truth of your assumptions

The veracity of your perceptions

And your choices become easier because you are more accurate in your understanding of situations

Not easy to do however over a lifetime a very worthwhile investment

Being more accurate in your understanding of situations is half way to making better decisions or choices

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