Monday, April 19, 2010

Another view

Recently I received a message from a friend in Tanzania inviting me to look at his latest blog written by a friend of his Jomo Ndege Lu

I show an extract of that blog below and if you like it then go to his blog by clicking on the link underneath the extract

"Spinning crosses, turbines great and white, shall be erected everywhere to crucify both land and sea. 

It shall be done.

Here in Africa as in Europe, through the Middle East, into Asia and far beyond. 

It's been demanded by city-centred corporations living in the golden-land. 

For it shall help to enlighten the world; even the shanty poor in power-starved Africa. 

It's Good, it's Clean, it's Wind Power. 

These giant windmills will stand in great gatherings, of up to a hundred or more. 

In every sense they are a major imposition on the land. 

Yet they have been spun as environmentally-friendly, so surely that ordinary people think - they must be harmless. 

"They've been branded ecological!" 
Unless, that is your a flying bird or bat, especially on migration, flying low, perhaps cloud-hidden, wind-drifted, or at night. 

Imagine it, you are passing along an age old flyway, a flock of travelers and now you have to pass between those towers that block your way. 

So you must run the gauntlet. 

Maybe then your flock will slip within range of those colossal, sucking, spinning blades. 

This is happening now, in many places, on bird migration routes.

But, of course, information detailing these avian disasters is often buried, certainly seldom is it widely publicised. 

Because the powerful ones know we must not be held back by caring about such unimportant things. 

The fate of migrant birds - for heaven's sake! 

These windmills are the future of our energy, vital if we're to engineer the final technological solution to our economic fix. 

Centrally-controlled electricity generation and distribution is fundamental to our mission. 

There will be far less scope for profit if we fail to extend electric power to every global prole. 

We must continue growing the Empire of Greed"

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