Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bits and bobs

Be restrained, be liberal, be merciful it is the death of selfishness

In sound is tone and tone is one of the most important and deep reaching of all natural things.

By tone, the natural man and the child, express the feelings, just as animals in their tones make known their nature.

The tone of the voice of the tiger is quite different from that of the dove, as different as their natures are from each other

In all nature we can find no instance where effort of some kind is not required

It is not the study of ourselves so much, as the thought for others that opens the door

He can only be a factor for good or teach how to approach the way, who forgetting his own surroundings, strives to beautify and illumine those of others.

The effort must be for the good of others, not the gratifying of our own senses, or love for the agreeable or pleasant

Thou mayest look for silence in tumult, solitude in company, light in darkness, forgetfulness in pressures, vigor in despondency, courage in fear, resistance in temptation, peace in war, and quiet in tribulation

If you cannot not receive the small events of life and their meanings without crying them out to the world, think you that you are fitted to be trusted with the mysteries?

It is quite probable, that you are as rich as you will ever be, therefore, desire to do good with what you have - and do it.

 If you have nothing, know that it is best and wisest for you

From him that have not, shall be taken even that which he hath. this sounds contradictory, but in reality is in most harmonious agreement


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