Friday, April 23, 2010


But 'everybody' has a hard life

We often think that we are the only ones going through tough times

'Everybody' seems to have it easier

'Everybody' else has this, has that, is going there, doing that

'Everybody' is fine

Our perspective being that other people seem to have a better life

Others seem to have it easier than we do

When we look around they all seem to be happy

Why this continual illusion?

Whatever our level in society we face the same problems

The very same problems of life

Problems with others in our life, business, social arena, whatever our position they continue

We all have to face ourselves

We all have to face our fears

Just because someone has money does not mean he is exempt from these issues

We have to deal with our relatives

Our relationships both personal and business

Bad days

Good days

Iffy days

We all have these challenges

And yet we feel ourselves to have more problems and difficulties than others

If this is you then time to lift your head

Observe how others have even more difficult lives than you do

There is always someone worse off than ourselves

Focus instead on what you do have not what you do not

Appreciate the chance to grow and learn

Grow consciously every day

'Everybody' knows

Knows what?

Lift your head and learn for yourself

Your own growth comes from inside you

You start this process, for process it is, when you are ready

'Everybody' is not involved

'Everybody' is doing their own thing

Let go of 'everybody'

Define and live by your own parameters

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CL Rose said...

This has helped me..
Thank you!