Thursday, April 22, 2010

Religion again

What a pain

Throughout history more people have been killed by or in the name of religion than by any other cause

Today we have conflict in many parts of the world driven by religion

Murder continues in the name of religion

Time to say it as it is

If your religion is intolerant

If your religion brands any other faith or religion as infidel

If your religion is involved in politics

If your religion encourages hate against others

If your religion encourages holy war

If your religion discriminates against women

If your religion claims to be the only true religion

Then this is no religion this is power in a crude form

This is manipulation of the ignorant

This is evil


Time to move beyond religion

Time to focus on putting this planet to rights

Let us each and every one of us decide that what we feel in our hearts about God, no God or maybe intelligence is private

All of us should have the right to think what we want and respect the same right in others

No more religion it causes too much divisiveness

What ever happened to love?

What ever happened to tolerance?

Enough already

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Alexandra said...

very very nice blog. to the point!