Friday, April 16, 2010

Need a buzz

Most adults actually need a buzz from time to time

Not just children

Adults too or maybe we should cal them kidults

Adults needing to let go

Toys for adults

Cinemas giving thrill after thrill

Harry Potter gave fun not just to children but to kidults as well

And basically kidults feed on thrills

Trainers, micro game console, scooter

Mostly men

Women wanted fun too

So they coined the term midyouth

Wearing high heels

ipod wearing

Having to look a certain age

Middleyouth woman went for botox

There were even botox parties

All the women being injected

It used to be just Hollywood

Now it is ordinary women anywhere

Kidults and midyouths have their kicks

And then once more when alone at home

Waking to the morning light

Toys seem less interesting

Could it be that toys just distract?

Botox needs replacing

No toy or botox treatment lasts for very long

Keep looking surely another toy will come along?

Maybe another illusion of youthfulness preservation

Then perhaps tomorrow someone will find the ultimate cure

In truth just like the last one and the one before that

Pay for your buzz and you are one of the gang

No need to be alone with yourself

Saves thinking about those things that frighten

Just keep going for the next fix

Or maybe one day you wake up and see that these distractions still leave a void

A void that toys and distractions cannot fill

An empty feeling close to fear

An 'iffy' sense of loneliness

Something that will not be denied

Oh yes that is closer to the truth

The truth that so many keep running away from

Believe you can run and run?

Nature though will not be denied

The irony is that the best buzz in life is feeling good with yourself

No toys

No distractions

Just yourself with peace of mind

And that really is the ultimate buzz

There is nothing better or more powerful than peace of mind

Know of one?

Then let us all know please

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