Thursday, April 15, 2010


Speedy lives are what we now have

As a result of many things our lives are now faster than before

Time rushes by

We look in wonderment as the days disappear behind us 

No time even to do that for most of us except on odd days of rest or illness then we see our lives through a different perspective

And how many people are doing what they really want with their lives?

What they truly want with their lives that is

Are you doing what you want with your life?

We saw a film on Darjeeling the other night

A misty often damp place in the Himalayas

Overcrowded as most Indian towns are

Not many jobs for the young people of Darjeeling

So most people just about get by

The film reminded us of our last visit to that area

Reminded us too that we had promised to return

We fully meant to do so

Then other things intruded and we have not been back since

Promised to go to Kathmandu again as well and Chennai and Delhi and Kerala and and

Not to mention Shimla, Leh and the Kullu valley

So many good intentions

So many plans fallen by the wayside

The film last night also reminded us how lucky we are to have enough

Enough to get by that is

And to feel for those who do not

And so what is the point of this?

To say that living the speedy lives we do inevitably we make promises we cannot or do not manage to keep

We intend to do things that we never manage get around to

We think to travel to places we cannot visit

It all adds up to clutter in our lives

Like a room filled with unused things

Clear out your mind as you would that cluttered room

Unclutter your mind

Let go those unfulfilled promises

Clear your mind from uneasy guilt of things undone

Clear your life from the worry of unfulfilled commitments

If necessary say that you will not be doing or visiting whatever it was

Determine you will not be visiting and just let it go

Speedy lives leave guilt of things undone

If we let them

Let all those things go

Just let them go

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