Monday, April 05, 2010

Only the lonely

Only the lonely can know how bad loneliness can feel

But then don't we all have the experience of being alone

Being really really alone

At some time in our lives we all have this experience

And because we all have it some question why?

Looking at life we all experience ourselves to be different

Sometimes we admit to being alike

Being different from you I can only imagine how you feel

How you experience life

What if we are not really different?

What if we are all more similar than dissimilar?

More so than we think

Look at your life

Notice how we all go through the same or similar experiences

Sure I might do this before you

Sure this might be longer

Shorter even, after you perhaps

The point though is that most humans go through the same things

Beginning middle, and end of life

Take out the differences in our financial situations

Take out the different climates and cultures we live in

Take out the other material aspects of our lives

Even our family or work relationships are more similar than dissimilar

Because we all know pain

We all laugh

We all cry

We all lose

And so an observer can see that we have so much more in common in our lives than we do differences

Many of the good books say this but we have not taken in what it means

If we all have more in common

If our lives are in many respects so similar

Then how come the pain and loneliness I feel is not easier to understand?

What does this say?

It says amongst other things that we can learn more from each other

We can anticipate more than we do

We can save ourselves damage

Be more conscious and you can improve your life by paying more attention as to why people experience what they do

And what you can take from them

Be more conscious of what is going on above you

Above you?

Yes learn from those who are experiencing the next predictable step in life

And yes they are predictable

So save yourself some grief

Learn from those who have been there

Who was it who came out in one piece


What did they do differently?

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