Tuesday, April 06, 2010

The unthinkable - 2

With too many billions of us on the planet
We need to think about our lives differently
To pretend that grabbing what we can is what it is all about is no longer a viable or acceptable approach
Worshipping money and crude power is self defeating and pointless
Many perhaps most of those with money and power have brought little to the well being of those in need
Indeed they bring little of real or lasting benefit to themselves either
If it were not for their controlling the media we could open our eyes and see how unattractive most of those with money and power are
Time for us to point out that the Emperor is indeed naked
Greedy behaviour is not admirable, nor is selfish behaviour
Time to say it as it is
Time also for us to stop trying to emulate stupid selfish greedy people
The way forward is to see that we need to change our perceptions of well being and plenty
Money does not bring well being nor does it bring plenty except in the most narrow sense
Money brings fear
Fear of losing it often creates paranoia
Fear of abuse by others leading to violence and manipulation
Plenty creates other issues of generosity and sharing usually traits not associated with the wealthy, selfishness and self centeredness being more often associated with the rich

Having extreme wealth creates issues of buying whatever or whoever you want until nothing has meaning anymore everyone and everything can be bought

Plenty often brings cynicism and contempt

No time for others

Domination of conversation, knows best in all possible situations

From plenty springs power

Power seldom brings peace of mind only paranoia

Conversley when we look at those who are manifestly happy we find different traits

They share whatever they have

They care about others

They have time for others

They appreciate what they have

They usually listen well

This sufficiency unto their needs creates well being

An ability to love others brings peace of mind

Altruism brings release from fear and a freedom not possible for those who are selfish

Being selfish is not something that we can continue to support and admire

Selfish behaviour is detrimental to the well being of us all

Greed and corruption are destroying this planet

We need to move towards publicly pointing out this simple fact

Observing publicly that we do not like or admire greedy selfish people

These people need naming and shaming

Moving towards transparency where we dig the greedy out of the shadows

Making all transactions more transparent

On a simple practical level we must support those who push for these goals

Let us support and encourage more altruistic behaviour

Let us give our admiration to those who help others

The way forward for all of us is to become more loving caring people

Helping those who have less than ourselves

This is the only way to find peace of mind

To find peace of mind and self respect are what we all want

Make your own choice we can only change this planet through our own behaviour

By our own examples

No one can do this for you

You must act yourself

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