Saturday, April 10, 2010


From brushing your teeth to combing your hair

Many many thousand of times

Do you always use the same toothpaste?

The same brush

Do you notice the little changes?

Do you notice that ninety nine percent of all toothpastes have fluoride in them

What does this mean to you?

Something, nothing?

We have so many repetitions in our lives

Life is repetition

Day after day

And yet often we treat it in an offhand way

Just my teeth

Just brushing my hair

Notice how others handle their repetitions

Do they pay more attention?

What do they do differently?

Do they put the same emphasis on things that we do?

Ever thought that how you handle your repetitions is what determines much of your life

Your repetitions whoever you are determine your experience of life


Because an unconscious approach to your repetitions means that you are not learning

When we focus on whatever we are doing and particularly our repetitions we get more out of life

It's a bit like using energy the more we consciously put out the more we get back

One of the attractions of exercise is the feeling of being alive

The conscious choice of exercise

The feeling of one's body working

The pleasure and feeling of reward when we finish our exercises

And then guess what the body responds and we feel good

Same thing for our other senses

Consciously exercise them and they will reward you

This is why the attention we pay to our repetitions is more important than we think

Where we just do our daily repetitions our thoughts elsewhere we are dulling our experience of life

We are losing yet another day to worry and mental stress

If we are conscious of our repetitoins then we are not mentally worrying about other things

And this added up is a very helpful release from stress

Pay attention to your repetitions please

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