Friday, April 09, 2010

This 'n that

If you desire to labour for the good of the world, it will be unwise for you to strive to include it all at once in your efforts.

If you can help elevate or teach but one person - that is a good beginning, and more than is given to many

It is peace you are seeking, therefore it is best that the good in everything is found.......

For this brings peace

All sin has its origin in the mind

The more the mind dwells on any course of conduct, whether with pleasure or pain
the less chance there is for it to become detached from such action

When mind loses its interest in any object there will no longer be a link between the Karma connected with that object and the individual

It is the attitude of mind which draws the Karmic cords tightly round the soul

It imprisons the aspirations and binds them with chains of difficulty and obstruction

It is desire that causes the past Karma to take form and shape and build houses of clay

It must be through non attachment that the soul will burst through the walls of pain

It will only be through a change of mind that the Karmic burden will be lifted


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Anonymous said...

One just has to love him. I did not know this one, was it in the new book?