Thursday, April 08, 2010


Churches are so much property that has to be preserved

And church ministers are so many men who get salaries they have to earn

With families to support and reputations to sustain

Many houses of worship are intimately connected with the material progress of the town they are in

Congregations hire their priests at so much a year to give out a definite sort of theology

And do not like being told the truth about themselves

Nor to have too high a standard of altruism held up to them in a way from which there would be no escape

Consequently many churches pursue political support to smear or call evil any who challenge their teachings

In many churches today the teachings have little if anything to do with the label on the door of the church or the teaching of it's founder

It has much more to do with their own power and the protection of that power

In one country today the church has been given a monopoly on certain tobacco sales?

What a mockery!

I am not sure the Good Lord would want his children smoking or the church using his name to be making a profit from sales of tobacco and cigarettes

A debate in 2010 about whether women can be priests

What a farce

Hundreds of different branches all claiming their differences

All claiming to be the one truth

Churches apparently live in a different universe where they can make outragious claims and find it unacceptable that anyone should challenge those claims 

Churches come in all shapes and sizes as do their teachings

Many sitting on valuable propert sites, most underutilised  

Many being sold because the congregation disapeared

Time to move beyond religion

Churches too, they had a role now is time to let many go

Let us keep a few to remind us of their architecture and our history


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