Monday, May 17, 2010


How can humanity, us, me, you, we move forward if we do not accept the future?

There cannot be success in the future when our heads are stuck in the past

We need to search for new ways is the first requirement for reaching a better tomorrow

The evidence of flexibility in the search will be the basis of success

We cannot go on as we have been this is no longer an option

Yet our politics is divided basically along these lines

Those who reject the new

Those  who embrace the new

And then we tend to choose the path of least resistance and please no one

Compromise is fine in certain situations in others it leads to disaster

We have many of those today where the compromises please no one

The future of humanity is uncertain because our resources are stretched

Because there are so many of us

Our way of looking at the future is so often projecting more of the same on tomorrow

More of the same will not work any longer for reasons we all know

Yet we do not even debate or discuss what alternative options are open to us

Why do we not start with what we could imagine as our best possible vision

A vision where we all have the same rights

The same responsibilities

The two going hand in hand

A world where we outlaw any activity that knowingly harms others

Bye bye defense industries

About now you are saying he is off his head, the vested interest groups will never let go of their hold on politicians

Too much money and power at stake

Yes that is true yet a vision should put our heads firmly where we would like to go

To say what we would like the world to look like not what we today perceive as possible today

War is insane

War is dehumanising

And war is not part of our vision for a nicer world

Make all wars illegal for a start and put anyone who starts, supports, finances or promotes one on trial

Make war illegal under any and all circumstances

Today this might seem a mad dream

But then dreams have a funny way of coming true

If we have not even got the courage to dream then for sure we deserve what is coming

Dream an end to war and all those who support them

Put the thought form of a warless world into your mind and keep it there

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