Monday, May 17, 2010

Internet control

The conquest of the Internet – the building of what we call an Electronic Police State – has one
primary foundation:


This legitimizes the entire operation.
You’ll notice that every time something goes wrong online, “more control” is immediately demanded as the solution.
This is irrational, and here’s why:

We’ve had ever-more control for a long time, and the problems remain.

The magic of control hasn’t worked.
Protection from terrorists is accomplished by shooting them with bullets

Not by grabbing every bit of personal information from children, grandmas and businessmen.

We all know pretty well who the terrorists are and where they live

Monitoring every penny that goes in and out of Butte, Montana is not going to help them get shot.
Anti-privacy (pro-Electronic Police State) arguments pretend that central control produces
perfection, which is ridiculous.
We’ve had mass-centralization since the early 20th Century, yet we still have an overflow of terrorists and crooks.

Why would we demand more of it at every possible opportunity?

It’s crazy

cc Cryptohippie

But then seen through the eyes of those in power it is not so crazy

Name the government which has ever ever voluntarily let go of control

Name the government which has ever stopped trying to take more control

They are institutionally unable to trust

Unable to see other ways of running things

Anything new they do not control will come under attack

Must come under attack because it might just might take away or put their control under tension

This is where the nub of our troubles lie

Government is culturally unable to govern any other way

Government control is out of control

Only when we wake up to the nonsense of greater and greater control as a solution to everything can we start the long fight to reverse or remove endless controls on everything

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