Monday, July 05, 2010

Leg shaking

Do your friends or do you maybe have shaky legs?

Legs that are never still

Always shaking

Bad sign

Under stress

Other little signs

Always moving fingers

Never still always picking


No worry just another sign of stress

Modern world stress

Good to notice though and do something about it as this can save you aggro later on

Stress untouched, left alone does not go away

These signs are there for us to notice

Can you control your stress signs?

Can you?

Learn to see what you do in terms of stress release or manifestation

Decide to control it, shaky legs do not look cool

Even better learn to remove the causes

Short breaks

At least one holiday a year where you have ten days minimum back to back holiday

Do new things every month

Do things that stop your mind from going round and round on the same old issues

Notice your signs

Act now before they cause you real health problems

Shaky legs are one sign

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