Sunday, July 04, 2010

Number 1 life issue


Your health

Without good health life gets tough

Once your health goes your health becomes the focus of your life

Your ailment or illness dominates your life

There is little else that commands our attention like feeling bad

Amazingly most of us enjoy good health

Until a certain age that is

Ever talked to older people about their health?

Probably not older people are not in our lives

Maybe our parents are

A relative maybe

For sure we hear stories about them

Usually one or more of them have health issues

Not us though so we do not pay much attention

Ever stopped to think what this means if everybody has relatives who have health issues?

Probably not

It means that most older people have health issues


Many of these can be avoided

Develop good habits now and save yourself grief further down the road

Check your diet and unless you do a lot of exercise eat less

Eat better quality food

Drink enough water

Exercise but find exercises you like to do otherwise you will not stay with them

Do them regularly all these are well known ideas

Get out in nature see the beauty in it, consciously that is really notice it consciously

However there is another aspect to good health larger than any of these

The real number one issue is your fears

Stresses, problems, issues call fear what you like everyone has some

Yes everyone

So first you have to acknowledge them

Find them even

Then the better you get at letting them go the better your health will be

In fact the number one cause of so many illnesses is fear

Causes that is not symptoms

Doctors in the West deal in symptoms it's the Western way

Band aids on cancer if you will

So find your fears and learn to let them go

Let them go means accepting the issue

It does not disappear but it does get put into another perspective

A perspective where you do not let your mind go round and round on it

You hold it at arms length

If you can do this with your fears then your health will be better

Your life will be more agreeable

Believe us if your health goes you will learn the truth of this being our number 1 life issue

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