Saturday, July 03, 2010


What future?

We are told that many women suffer from depression

More than men

Not just older women either


We are told because of the various demands expected of modern women

Or maybe more accurately the demands they place upon themselves

Got me thinking that maybe this is not the real reason

Or maybe it's not the primary reason why so many women suffer from depression

Maybe the major reason is that they do not see any future for our species

Do not see our planet and its life forms surviving

Do not see this planet becoming a nicer place

A place they want to breed into any longer

There is no way to really test out this hypothesis

Just an intuitive feeling that all is not well

When corruption becomes endemic

When all is control


Dumbed down for profit

What is nice?

What is healthy?

What's it all about?

More of this rubbish for the rest of my life?

My feeling is that many women today are depressed because of the unpleasant way things are evolving

Less and less human more and more faceless technology

More and more negative news thrust into our faces 24/7

And you?

How are you finding life?

Has depression come your way?

There is a way out however it is by living and understanding the stuff we keep talking about

Life can be a happier more powerful experience

Only once you understand the truth of things though

And only once you find your role in that truth

Do not join the depressed brigade make the effort to understand

Love is the key real unconditional love that is

Finding love in spite of the pressures of your life

This is the way forward for all even though our world might not seem so full of love

Nor that love looks so powerful compared to greed and corruption

It can be

It is for us

And for you how is love in your life?

Love is not given to you

Love is inside you

Find the love inside you by opening to it

Giving of that love

Love for us being unconditional

Being in our work too

When your life revolves around helping others because you truly want to something changes inside you

Other things become less important, the worries dissipate

Seeing this life as one of many lives changes our thoughts as well

Understanding karma makes life easier to accept without so much frustration

Depression tries to visit us as well and sometimes it's quite a fight

Love of life prevails though

Pushing away negative thoughts is easier when you love life

When you see the truth of why we are here over those many many lives

Why it has to be this way

And how this is OK

Learn how this can be true for you too

Check out the ageless or perennial wisdom

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Anonymous said...

very interesting you should write this, as this thought of no future has been with me for years now. always comes and I wonder at it.....and of course think "against" it.
Thank you for your thoughts, A